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Involvement of family and school

El cuerpo docente de la escuela no podrá ir más lejos ni más rápido de lo que permita la comunidad. (Eisner, 2002, p. 12).

Given the situation that is living society, the school has new features, school and families have to adapt and contribute to a better development of education of children and students. The improvement should start by families, the family unit.

We live in a society with huge differences, broken families, highly structured families, families very badly economically, families very well economically, the school suffers all these differences and have to know how to act in every situation.

It is certainly necessary to improve the organization and functioning of the education system; but carry all the responsibility centers not take us very far, as we said, the family has a very important and significant role.

Numerous sociological reports have come to realize the changes family in Spain in the last quarter of the twentieth century (Perez-Diaz, pimping and Valiente, 2000; Flaquer, 2000; Meil, 1999) 1: decrease in marriages, increased unions free, fragile joints with increase in divorce, single-parent families and recomposed, increase in the average age of marriage, abrupt descent birth, increase in children born out of wedlock, incorporation mass of women to work outside the home with the consequent equal status between men and women, etc.

Adults, according to the interpretation of the crisis in education that makes Hanna Arendt (1995), have lost security and the ability to define what they want to offer as a model of life to new generations. Finally, children spend long hours outside the family space, with other agents of socialization and-also decreased direct contact and coexistence with parents and siblings.


Botía, A. B. (2006). Familia y escuela: dos mundos llamados a trabajar en común. Revista de educación, (339), 119-146.

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