martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

" I am a teacher and I do not everything"

This enter is going to talk to an interview make to César Bona, considered the best teacher in Spain, for me the importance of this video it is not to encourage Césars figure, but it is true that he has. But, at the same way that he says “ he do not make something that others teacher do, because there are hundred of teacher that believe in education, and fight daily in their classroom to take the best of their students.

The main reason why we are talking about his in this subject is becasue we think that the organitation that he propose in their classroom are very interesting. Because, it is a simple methodology, and uncomplicated, but this methodology does see how we cant take the best of our student in a easy way.

At first, he talk about how a children can teach you extraordinary things, and we wnt
Heighthen this, because frecuently we dont pay attention to the smallest
members of the house. We must to nurture about their knowledge.

We want to focus in the organitation.

We will be something like this.

It is calls the attention because in an easy way, making role play, making that all student feel important, helping between there… he encourage the basic competition,. Also he shows how a teacher must not to make a master class, if not he is the mediator of the knowledge.

Furthermore, we can highlight how their students has interest in superation, they look for a good mark, sadly this is the main objective of school.  But, he encourage helping between students, the investigation…

We do not want to summaraze the video. Here is the link if you want to see.

To conclude, we have seen good to talk about this because it is show how in a esay way we can teach our students, also how we stil have teachers how believe in their proffesion.

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