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How it influences the school to us?

In old entrances we were talking about relationship that school created. Maybe, we can say that there are two types of significant relationship: the first, between teachers and student, and the second, between teachers.

At first we are going to talk about relationship between teachers and student.

From our point of view, the school always has had a very important paper at the time of creating relations, because it is the first place where a child socializes.

And they start to relate with people so different, they would end up creating they own personality and identity through relations.
We had been talking how our teachers had been important persons to us, because the knew to transmit values, apart to teach subject, they were able to teach us to life.

Additionally, the school have an important paper: teach us to be a better citizen.

At first, the school teach the student to be a good citizen, for example, helping our relatives. Also, the teacher has an important role, they must be a higher person than their students or they could be the same as their students.
And we can say that we life with the second example of teacher.

Through all the types of learning that our teachers want to develop, we had created and important part of our personality. Because, the activities that we did in class influenced to us directly. We must be grateful, owing to our teacher believe in education, and maybe this is the reason why we are now studying Primary Education.
Also, they helped us in our citizen dimension, establishing laws in the class, for example, we learned to respect our partners, and this environment help us.

From our point of view, and how other professional said, we believe that the first mission of a teacher is that in the classroom there are not different levels between teachers and students, because both of them are always learning, also, if there are a good environment will be easier the transmission of knowledge.

In the other hand, we must talk about our relationship between partners, group of equals, because this is the most important thing that school gives to us.

Maybe, the school is the first place where a child socializes and created a group of friends, and we do not conscious how important it is.

We want to focus on the way that school help to make this.
We think that the activities that our teachers make are so important, because they must to foment collaborative work, but no between friends, if not joining different types of students.
Also, it is so important to heighten the equality between race and sex, because when a person is young we can teach him that women and men are the same, also black and white, because nobody is better then other.
At the same way, school should not be a place that foments the rivalry or insane competition, if not the opposite they must foment the collaborative work and companionship. In this way we will able to work in all the possible environment.

These are the most important things that we can talk about relationship.


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