lunes, 20 de junio de 2016

Our ideal school!!

In this publication takes place our final project of our ideal school. We decided to make a "Draw my life" but according with the topic because we think that it is a clear way to understand the contents insomuch as it is visual and quite funny.
It seems an easy work but in fact, it is not. We took a full week to make it possible.
We hope it worths it and like you!!

We want to make the video according five school categories, the same categories that we used and work and the beginning of the subject.
All the ideas are own ideas, we think that in this way the school will be a perfect place to learnt.

Meaningful experiences.

Among our group, there are several methodologies that marked the infancy of different teachers, which we remember fondly.
Between one strategy he emphasizes a teacher to make students consiguieran operations quires well and with great enthusiasm. This teacher every day in class sent a page to her students did, giving as a prize for the top three candies. Students were fighting not only get those jobs, but also had to be alert to do well the accounts and review them to ensure that all requirements were met to win. In addition, in one week they could not win the prizes the students themselves, as if they won, eased or candy to share their peers so they could also have that opportunity. So also it encouraged fellowship. Students were willing them to send these activities to be satisfied, and no student is used to give up or bored while doing.
Also, with this methodology, the teacher was not only the opportunity that all students have the opportunity but also made it easy for a student with disabilities (Down syndrome), I could have that opportunity. Professor instead of sending the entire sheet, you could send a line of operations, and so the student could receive that award. After receiving it, he said it in class, so that the alagasen peers.

Another one was the methodology of the teacher to make their different classes, for example in math, we used a rag sewing and to know how many points we should do, we gave us a sum, multiplication or polynomial and the result was the number of points we should do.
Also for the subject of language, we analyzed jokes every day had a student (parsing, morphological or move from active to passive). With this we can see how using this methodology for classes to be more active by the students.

A colleague points out several experiences in class two consecutive years (5th and 6th grade) His teacher came fresh from the opposition and had great faith in education.
First, we performed tests in pairs or threesome. Before this, performing an oral exam to see that students knew the agenda is more important but many knew explain. Also before the test we performed small jobs. She wanted the written exam was not important but the real boy understood he had studied.

Also, new working methods, for example, last year we made a songbook with songs chosen by us. She performed every Friday a tab with the letter of the song and various activities, for example, draw a picture about what you conveyed the song. Without us knowing we were practicing drawing and awakening our abstract imagination ...

Among many other activities how to do research for a reading group class, display these works the other groups ...
These are some of the most significant experiences that can be noted, was above all a year to learn and live in groups. Knowing what how important education is that knowledge has to be good for something.

Another experience we found in this group is related to the issue of punishment. This teacher punished putting children in the sun or up and down stairs when not obey him. By contrast rewarded with toys, stuffed animals and other gifts to students who obtained the highest score in exams.

These are the main experiences that can point except a member who lacks experience.
All our teachers believe that conducting such activities to motivate us and make us see that studying and strive brings reward. Also, there are teachers that even though primary education is not well seen by any sector, they believe in it and strive to instill in their students a practical and useful knowledge.

How the television has influenced our lives

All argue that during our childhood have employed a number considered of hours in front of the TV to watch cartoons between hours, ie, when it was not yet turn to carry out other activities, because in our time we spent more time playing in the street or doing other leisure activities instead of staying in front of the TV.
At present, we consider television as an additional resource because we have responsibilities that do not allow us to use TV time.
Because of these responsibilities we have realized that television is not a must in our lives, but a complement that can be used in free time.
On the other hand, when we have free time is spent in other activities like going outside, on work, visit family ...
One member of the group noted that, to have time off during the holiday period, habituated to see a talk show and, when concluded, responded the same way as the protagonists of the program.
In conclusion we argue that depending on the content they see on television, we will behave in one way or another, as attitudes, moods, etc. They transmitted even through the screens.

What kind of teacher I would like to be?

Today we are used to traditional teachers, who have had so far, those who have accompanied us during our school years.
Therefore to be accustomed to the methodology employed thought that this should be teaching.
But no. In our day there should be no place for such a methodology requiring students to absorb information to release at once on tests and then not remember anymore.
It is true that patience has a limit, but obedience too, and that current teachers do not respect him. To be respected, we must respect first.
Perhaps teachers occupying the centers are now aware of how the situation in the classroom, but to do something about it must be interested in improving it, invest time and find solutions, it is much easier to act as if not percatasen of the situation.
I intend to be a teacher who not forget that during the other half of his life was a student. From my point of view, this is an aspect that has great importance, which does not receive. How can we be the kind of teacher who, in our school years, we dislike?
I intend to be a teacher not to limit, if not to encourage and inspire you to get more. In my opinion, every child is different and have at your fingertips, with use of their effort, all that is proposed. It is the right time to motivate them and make them see that they are at that stage in deciding their future, they can decide how they want and go for it. A good teacher should avoid prejudice and not condition any student.
Would have their opinions, preferences and contributions to develop the classes, because they are oriented and intended to them so they must be as enjoyable as possible and adapted.
Would make the school environment a place nearby where they could feel as comfortable as possible for work every day.
On the other hand, I must emphasize the fact that we all have the right to education, to receive an education. Therefore, our freedom as a teacher ends where another's begins. That is try to be fair and treat everyone equally so that the freedoms of some are not delve into the other curtailing with that freedom.

In addition, both the achievement and it rewards the effort, because I think they both have a similar importance. Thus, to reward those who have worked hard but have not reached a target set, they are encouraged to achieve other activities and proposals, making them see that the effort was well worth it and that everything that has been march has not been in vain.

Try to train students both theoretical content and anyone who covers everyday life. Try to get they managed to develop the skills to function in everyday life, personal expression and thus relate better.
From my point of view, this type of education is essential and not so common.
It is no use having a good training if you are not prepared to face the day, which is not easy. Many problems arise daily or complicated situations that we have to deal and today, if you have no knowledge about ourselves to express our ideas, it is virtually impossible to make us understand and understand others.

In my opinion, teachers should be critics, people who teach how to think.


First, we consider that the most important thing before starting to transmit knowledge, is to listen and learn about their tastes and preferences and to guide our classes so that fit their needs and interests.
That is when we begin to convey those skills that are useful for their lives. Away from an overly theoretical knowledge that is almost impossible to implement.
Another aspect we consider important is the ability to move both the classroom to other open spaces and closed to fit the agenda so we can develop it in a different way may allow the emergence of motivation creating a significant knowledge.
On the other hand, it is also important to solve the problems arising within our classroom because it is something that happens almost daily and we can not ignore. Thus coexistence will be better because the students will not have, as far as possible, preference among themselves and so can work smoothly with each other. the issue of equality to implement the bases and work from an early age, ie, make them see that all are equal so that children can interact without any prejudice. So, we would try to educate them in values ​​for their socialization process that leads them to become better citizens.
On the other hand, we would try to create an environment of equals where both teacher and students are equal without be a hierarchy. Also, students feel the nearest teacher and thus be a process of mutual teaching and learning.
As for problem solving or otherwise, we would establish hours of tutoring, between teachers and students, both collective and individual regularly. In joint common and related topics to be addressed teamwork. In individual treat each student with teaching a subject that worry you or anything that the student deems appropriate treat, since then the teacher should do everything in their power to help.

In addition, we would be in favor of strengthening the links between school and family in order to be involved with the children in a more effective way. We would conduct meetings where we would propose various activities to do with their children as the vision of different films that gives them lessons and learning both them and their children; and visits to museums and other cultural activities that make the child acquire knowledge and loop with parents to strengthen.

Educational styles

Our group can not find a model that fits exactly to our family style. But we think that the model that most resembles is the democratic style.
Our parents have never exercised too much control over us as trusted and have not had the need to sobreprotegernos through control. Although there has been such control in some cases by having an age when we do not have enough maturity.
We have made the decision that would mark our future: decide what to study.
Therefore, a reasonable and educational exert control.
On the other hand, we can also find in them features of the permissive style, as this style holds that children have control over their decisions
This has affected in a positive way in us because we have confidence with our parents Glad we understood and supported.
They are great references for our future and influence and educate our children as adopt similar positions to that adopted them.
Although they have not exercised great authority over us, we are responsible and this helps to continue acting in the same quiet way and trusting us.