miércoles, 27 de abril de 2016

Making a little reflection

Now we are going to have a litter reflection about what teacher´s do and how we can improve it. 

At first, we are going to talk about favoritism:

Favoritism. We think this could be remediated treating everyone in the same way. 
We talk about this because we have lived this situation like the favourite students and now we think that this should not exist. We would solve it through making everybody participate so everybody have the same importance.
If we do this everybody in the classroom will felt comfortable and we will create a egalitarian environment.
We also appreciated that not only at school but at the conservatory, because two of us are studying there. In conclusion we usually say: everywhere there is favoritism, but a good teacher does not break equality in the classroom.

At second, we are going to talk about P.E teacher:

I think that all of us has had a P.E teacher who do not make any sport. He or she commands us to run, make stretching, play basketball, badminton... but they only see us how we do. 

If you are a sport teacher you must do some sport....

So, if we will be a sport teacher, we would show our students how the must do an activity, we play some sport with them...
First at all we talk about egalitarian environment... so in our P.E classes we must do the same think as our students do.

Apart of these two bad experiences, all of us have beautiful memories.

One of the member remember how she did maths in the school.  Because her teacher made that they learnt maths sewing. Other member remember how her teacher made the exams... they made exams in pairs... of course, before of this they make an oral exam, for show their teacher that the know the lesson.

With this we want to show how in the school there are two different types of teachers.

Other memory was, from a memory of 6º of primary would be the last years that we stay in the school for these reason, she wants that we take a good memory. Each month the class chose a song, for example: Peter pan by El Canto del Loco, and we did file, in this file we talked about the feelings that the song transmits, we draw, we compose… until June, the last month of this school year. Finally, my teacher brings to the school a friend who was musician and we sang all the song together.
 These type of teacher believe in the education and others who will hang out time.

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