lunes, 20 de junio de 2016

What kind of teacher I would like to be?

Today we are used to traditional teachers, who have had so far, those who have accompanied us during our school years.
Therefore to be accustomed to the methodology employed thought that this should be teaching.
But no. In our day there should be no place for such a methodology requiring students to absorb information to release at once on tests and then not remember anymore.
It is true that patience has a limit, but obedience too, and that current teachers do not respect him. To be respected, we must respect first.
Perhaps teachers occupying the centers are now aware of how the situation in the classroom, but to do something about it must be interested in improving it, invest time and find solutions, it is much easier to act as if not percatasen of the situation.
I intend to be a teacher who not forget that during the other half of his life was a student. From my point of view, this is an aspect that has great importance, which does not receive. How can we be the kind of teacher who, in our school years, we dislike?
I intend to be a teacher not to limit, if not to encourage and inspire you to get more. In my opinion, every child is different and have at your fingertips, with use of their effort, all that is proposed. It is the right time to motivate them and make them see that they are at that stage in deciding their future, they can decide how they want and go for it. A good teacher should avoid prejudice and not condition any student.
Would have their opinions, preferences and contributions to develop the classes, because they are oriented and intended to them so they must be as enjoyable as possible and adapted.
Would make the school environment a place nearby where they could feel as comfortable as possible for work every day.
On the other hand, I must emphasize the fact that we all have the right to education, to receive an education. Therefore, our freedom as a teacher ends where another's begins. That is try to be fair and treat everyone equally so that the freedoms of some are not delve into the other curtailing with that freedom.

In addition, both the achievement and it rewards the effort, because I think they both have a similar importance. Thus, to reward those who have worked hard but have not reached a target set, they are encouraged to achieve other activities and proposals, making them see that the effort was well worth it and that everything that has been march has not been in vain.

Try to train students both theoretical content and anyone who covers everyday life. Try to get they managed to develop the skills to function in everyday life, personal expression and thus relate better.
From my point of view, this type of education is essential and not so common.
It is no use having a good training if you are not prepared to face the day, which is not easy. Many problems arise daily or complicated situations that we have to deal and today, if you have no knowledge about ourselves to express our ideas, it is virtually impossible to make us understand and understand others.

In my opinion, teachers should be critics, people who teach how to think.

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