lunes, 20 de junio de 2016

How the television has influenced our lives

All argue that during our childhood have employed a number considered of hours in front of the TV to watch cartoons between hours, ie, when it was not yet turn to carry out other activities, because in our time we spent more time playing in the street or doing other leisure activities instead of staying in front of the TV.
At present, we consider television as an additional resource because we have responsibilities that do not allow us to use TV time.
Because of these responsibilities we have realized that television is not a must in our lives, but a complement that can be used in free time.
On the other hand, when we have free time is spent in other activities like going outside, on work, visit family ...
One member of the group noted that, to have time off during the holiday period, habituated to see a talk show and, when concluded, responded the same way as the protagonists of the program.
In conclusion we argue that depending on the content they see on television, we will behave in one way or another, as attitudes, moods, etc. They transmitted even through the screens.

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